New Fantasy Books with Girl Main Characters

I’ve been reading some great books during the holiday break, and I wanted to share a couple of the new fantasy books with you. Both of these books have girl main characters and some similar story elements, but they are decidedly different in their voice. Plus, they are both great page-turning reads that can’t be put down.

THE GIRL WHO COULD FLY by Victoria Forester.
Piper McCloud, a home schooled, lonely child, discovers early in her life that she has a special ability–she can fly. When she finally can’t keep her secret hidden any longer from the world, she is whisked away by a secret government organization to an underground school with other special children. At first she enjoys hanging out with these talented kids–the Mustafa twins who can stir up storms, Violet–who can shrink down to almost nothing, Daisy–who is strong enough to lift a tank, Smitty–who has x-ray eyes, and several more unique students.
But when Piper discovers everything isn’t as it is supposed to be in this secret hideaway established to study unusual phenomenon, she sets out to free the children–even if it costs her everything.
Two thumbs up for this fantasy tale which explores society’s tolerance for the out-of-the-ordinary. This book would make a great read for a middle grade book discussion group.
SAVVY by Ingrid Law.
This title earned the 2008 Boston Globe Horn Book Award. It is an outstanding read for upper middle grade readers. 
Mibs (short for Mississippi) Beaumont is about to have her 13th birthday, which for the Beaumont family is a major milestone. Each child has inherited a special savvy (or power) which manifests on their 13th birthdays. Her older brothers, Rocket–17 and Fish–14, can command electrical power or rouse up hurricanes, respectively.
On the eve of Mibs’ big birthday, her world takes an unexpected turn when her father is involved in a car accident and seriously injured. He’s placed in a hospital over an hour’s drive away, and Mibs believes her new savvy might have the power to heal him. So she (along with an unlikely team of friends and family) stow away on a the Heartland Bible Supply Company’s pink bus to make the trip to the hospital. But the trip, of course, doesn’t go as planned. 
The story is filled with fun characters like Bobbi, the preacher’s 16-year-old daughter, and Lill, the always late waitress stranded by the roadside, and Lester, the down-and-out Bible supply bus driver. SAVVY explores young reader’s insecurities while taking them on a roller coaster ride of plot twists and turns. Another two thumbs up for a memorable read.

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