National Library Week


How are you celebrating?
Taking a library book out to lunch?
Giving your favorite librarian flowers?
Inviting a friend to visit the library with you?
Reading your favorite library book to your Mom, Dad, or little brother or sister?

There are so many ways to celebrate National Library Week.
But if you aren’t able to visit your library this week, never fear. The American Library Association has a fun list of great web sites you can visit at home.

How am I celebrating National Library Week?
Today I volunteered in the library at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf. I had a wonderful time reading with Isaiah, Michael, and Giuad. I learned of North American exploration and settlement. I shared the fun adventures of Frog and Toad, and I enjoyed a poetic biography about Coretta Scott King.

So, what are YOU doing to celebrate NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK?

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