Museum of the Dog

Here are my staff–(from left to right) Herman, Holly, and Henry–working hard as usual.

In celebration of DOGGIE DAY CAMP and its wonderful illustrations by Kit Grady, they discovered a very special canine location–the MUSEUM OF THE DOG. This museum in St. Louis, Missouri, has the “world’s finest collection of art devoted to the dog.” More than 700 paintings and other art work–all about dogs!

Since the museum is close by, my staff has suggested a field trip. Check back next week. We hope to share with you our artistic dog adventures when we visit the museum.

In the meantime, why not try your hand at creating some dog art of your own. The library should have illustration books as well as books on all different kinds of dogs. I’ll ask Kit how she came up with her illustrations for Bubba and his friends in DOGGIE DAY CAMP.

And if you just want to read a totally silly dog book, try Dav Pilkey’s DOGZILLA.

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