Learn How to Draw a Cartoon

Thanks to artist (and author) KEVIN COLLIER, now you can learn to draw an animated cartoon in just 3 minutes! 

Yes, it’s true. Kevin shows you how at his YOUNG ARTIST WORKSHOP. Every week Kevin will add a new drawing video for you to try out. So far he has instructions for creating a mouse, a frog, a happy daisy, and more.
This week–using only 2 sheets of plain paper, Kevin helps you learn how to draw a cartoon boy. The newly created character goes from sleeping to waking in a flash.  What fun!
Kevin even shows you how to draw Dotty, the hippo, from Donna Shepherd’s new book, DOTTY’S TOPSY TALE.
Learn how to draw a cartoon and entertain your whole family. Plus, you can create your own tale to go along with it.

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