Find the Perfect Book Match for Your Summer Reading

I’m so excited to tell you about this great opportunity–just a click away. How many times during the summer when your mom or dad suggests you do some reading, you say, “But I don’t have any good books.”???

When you follow this link to Lexile’s Find a Book, you’ll be able to enter your grade and what type of books interest you. Presto! Find a Book will zap out a list of titles for you to check out faster than you can slurp down an ice cream cone on a 90-degree summer day.
Pick out a few titles which sound too good to miss. Go online to your local library. See if they have the books. Put holds on them and plan a trip to the library. In no time at all, you can be relaxing with the best of summer reads.
Not so much into reading…no worries. You can indicate what your reading level is when you enter your info into the Find a Book database. A long list of just-right books–for your interests and  correct reading level–will magically appear.
Yeah, but why bother reading during the summer. It’s vacation from school time.
So true, but a professor of education at Harvard University, James Kim, did a study. He found that students who don’t read over the summer can fall behind in their reading levels by as much as two months. That means you’ll have lost ground during the summer. You’ll start next school year just trying to catch up to where you left off the year before. That doesn’t sound like fun.
But, according to the professor, if you read at least 8 interesting books at your reading level during the summer, you won’t fall behind. In fact, you’ll probably increase your reading level.
Awesome! Wouldn’t that be a cool surprise for your new teacher as well as your parents.
Public libraries usually have great summer reading programs. You may be able to earn prizes reading this summer and beat the summer slide–loosing ground on your reading skills. 
So this summer, do your sliding into home plate–not down hill on your reading.
Libraries are truly COOL places to hang out in this summer. Check one out.
Let me know how you do with your reading and what’s the best book you read this summer. 

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