Dog-Gone Amazing!

My staff & I didn’t make it to the Museum of the Dog today due to other commitments, but rest assured that we will very soon. And we’ll provide you with all the exciting de-TAILS!

My ever vigilant staff did find some amazing canine art work on the web today. No, not more portraits of dogs–rather art work BY a dog! Yes, that’s right. The world famous Tillamook Cheddar. Tillie has brought scratching and chewing to a whole new artistic level. She’s had exhibits in Europe, New York City, Los Angeles, and more. Tillie is a Jack Russell Terrier from New York City with a special gift for using her “teeth and claws” to create masterpieces. Tillie even has her own biography, Portrait of the Young Dog as an Artist by F. Bowman Hastie III. Click here to see more pictures of Tillie. The first picture shows her at work on a canvas.

What’s that? Oh….my dog Holly just padded into my office with a paint brush in her mouth. I believe she’s ready to create her own painting. Now if I can just stop her before she tries to open the paints…….

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