More Bird Stories

Normally when I think of winter birds, I picture cardinals and blue jays and sparrows. But what about seabirds–like the gulls and pelicans and terns. They hang out at the beaches even when the temperature drops.

What do these birds like to eat?
What do they sound like?
Where do they build their nests?
FEEDING THE GULLS by Deanna Calvert might be a fun to read.
Or A DAY AT SEAGULL BEACH by Karen Wallace.
Or SEEING SEABIRDS by Allan Fowler.
Did you know Herring Gulls will eat most anything? They are the ones who will steal your snacks at the beach if you’re not careful.
Could you write a story about a gull who ate too much junk food at the beach and couldn’t fly?
One day when it’s too cold to go outside this winter, pretend you’re the snack-loving gull and write about your misadventures.

Hands Up to Start a Story

The new year is a great time to start writing–a story a week would be a great goal.

All you need to start your next story is your hand.

That’s right.
Place your hand flat on a piece of paper.
Trace around it.
In the center of your hand, write one sentence about the story you want to write.
A story about bringing my dog home for the first time.
Above the little finger, write “WHO.”
Then above the next finger, write “WHAT.”
Above the next finger, write “WHY.”
Above the next finger, write “WHEN.”
Above the next finger, write “WHERE.”
Now fill in the information on each finger.
WHO: my dog Patches and me
WHAT: bringing Patches home from the animal shelter
WHY: to show how scared Patches was at first
WHEN: last summer for my birthday
WHERE: at my dad’s house

Now, using your handy outline,
start at the beginning–
and tell your story.
Don’t forget to give your story a fun title, like “A Place for Patches.”
You can even add illustrations or photos.
Get ready, set, write!

Turkey-Time Fun

Thanksgiving is almost here–fun with the family and lots of luscious food. But if you want to have some creative fun this Thanksgiving, here is a link to HIGHLIGHTS magazine. You’ll learn how to make your very own TURKEY FINGER PUPPET.

You might want to make up your own Thanksgiving story to accompany your turkey–and perhaps you’ll want to make additional finger puppet characters as well.
Or perhaps you’ll want to use your turkey puppet to help tell what you’re thankful for this year.


I don’t know about where you live, but here it has been an especially gray, rainy, chilly fall. I guess our ghoulish weather is fitting preparation for Halloween next week. Plus, it’s certainly perfect weather for snuggling up with a good book.

Have you been reading any spook-tacular books lately? If not, here’s a few suggestions from my website under FRIGHTFUL READS.
There is also a HALLOWEEN CROSSWORD puzzle to try.
Or for those looking for an activity, see if you can MAKE A SPIDER or a SPIDER SNACK.
So no matter the weather between today and Halloween, you’ll have plenty of fun stuff to do. Enjoy!

ZeBee’s Virtual Summer Zoo Camp for Children

Too Dog-Gone Good to Miss

Just in time to beat summertime boredom–

An online cybercamp for children 5-8
Fun, educational activities–starting TODAY!!!
Eight weeks of zoo animal adventures
Prizes, games, animal trivia, arts & crafts, puzzles
July 6-August 28


It’s been a busy summer already. Just returned from an international trip–I’ll share some photos later. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you the good news.

HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: Noun and Adjective Adventures–the next book in my Pet Grammar Parade Series is nearly here. 
As you can see from the cover, illustrator Kit Grady has brought to life these adorable and entertaining hamster characters in her own wonderful, colorful style. 
You’ll meet Grandpa and Babe, Carlos and Jenni, Billy–who’s rather silly, and Lotty–who is decidedly spotty.
You can join them through a year of hare-brained holidays–sure to make you giggle. Nouns and adjectives are highlighted throughout the book. A study guide, activity sheet, and multiple puzzles are included.
HAMSTER HOLIDAYS is coming very soon in both eBook and print formats from Guardian Angel Publishing.