Hamster Holidays: Noun and Adjective Adventures by Cynthia Reeg

Guardian Angel Publishing, 2009

A troupe of hamsters celebrate a year of hare-brained holidays in their unique hamster style. The book highlights nouns and adjectives on each page, as well as exploring opposites. Activity pages include scrambled words, match-up and crossword puzzles-plus much more. Grammar becomes fun and games with hamster helpers.

Hamster Holidays:
Noun and Adjective Adventures

by Cynthia Reeg
Illustrated by Kit Grady

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Through the use of hamster antics, Cynthia Reeg, in her whimsical style, writes about nouns and adjectives in a way that will capture the interest of any student. The illustrations by Kit Grady help portray the fun. Hamster Holidays: Noun and Adjective Adventures is a “must have” for any teacher who is introducing or reinforcing nouns and adjectives in her classroom!

Cathy Eshleman, Special Education Teacher
Sunrise Middle School, Kearney, Nebraska

Rating : Five Stars *****


This adorable book is part of the Pet Grammar Parade Series and Academic Wings books published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

Author Cynthia Reeg has put together a great story about child-friendly hamsters celebrating their own special holidays throughout the year. This book is actually printed in several colors of ink to teach your child nouns (blue ink) and adjectives (red ink). The regular text appears in black. The funny hamsters, aptly illustrated by Kit Grady, lead your child from one exciting holiday to the next – New Hat Day on January 1, Stick Horse Day on February 15th, and Kite Dance Day on March 10th. Can you guess the names of the other nine holidays that hamsters celebrate? You will just have to read this wonderful book to find out what they are!

The hamsters cavort across the pages to lead your child through twelve whacky hamster holidays while teaching nouns and adjectives along the way. Ms. Reeg did an excellent job with her precise text and layout of each holiday. Your child will also find a calendar at the bottom of each page, highlighting the holiday date, as an additional learning tool. Parents and teachers will love this book for all the word activities, study guide, word match-ups, word scrambles, puzzles, etc. located at the back of the book after the final holiday of the hamster year – Toy Parade Day, December 6th.

I give this book a high five for the excellent learning tools Author Cynthia Reeg has included to make learning so much fun, and for the colorful, kid-friendly illustrations by Kit Grady. This book is definitely a keeper!

Stories for Children Magazine
Book Review – August 09
BY: Gayle Jacobson-Huset – Fiction/Poetry Editor

Rating: Five Stars *****

Hamster Holidays: Verb and Adjective Adventures is very creative and cute and has a lot of great suggestions in the back for learning nouns and adjectives. I really liked the activities provided. This is something that a lot of homeschool moms might be interested in. Most of us have grammar curriculums, however, I see it as an added fun book and activities to use.

Nikki Schaeffer, Author/Artist & Homeschool Mom
Omaha, NB

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