Bunny Business: Conjunction Fun by Cynthia Reeg


Guardian Angel Publishing, 2014

Bunny business is all about bouncing, BUT overweight Bosco bunny can’t bounce AND he can’t play with his friends. When he discovers a bouncing machine, Bosco soon bounces himself into shape. Story and activities highlight CONJUNCTIONS. Study guide also included. CCSS. ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.H
Suggested age range for readers: K-3rd.

Bunny Business: Conjunction Fun
By Cynthia Reeg
Illustrated by Marina Movshina

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“Bosco Bunny was round and stumbly, but he wanted to be bouncy like the other bunnies. When he discovers a ‘bouncing machine’ he has so much fun learning to bounce that he doesn’t realize he’s getting fit in the meantime.

Like Bosco in the story, kids will have so much fun doing the
activities at the end that they won’t realize that they’re learning about conjunctions.”
Peggy Archer, author of NAME THAT DOG