BF’s & Butterflies

Exciting news today! My short story for mid-grade readers is now in the April issue of STORIES FOR CHILDREN MAGAZINE:
Here’s the scoop on “BF’s & Butterflies
Small town girl, Leya, wants to figure out a way to befriend Kari, the new girl, before Nasty Nona, self-crowned queen of fifth grade, claims her. Leya’s just lost her BF—Best Friend—Lucy, who’s moved all the way to Florida. Now as Leya struggles to find a new BF, as well as her place in her fifth grade class, she discovers that butterflies can lead to friendship.
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Be sure to stop by and enjoy!

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  1. I read this story to my first and second grade granddaughters. They loved reading about what fifth graders do and laughed out loud about the ending. It was fun to listen to them guess what was going to happen next! Thank you for sharing it with us,Jewel Sample

  2. How cool that you shared the story with your granddaughters. I’m so glad they enjoyed it…especially the ending. Endings are one of my favorite parts of a story to write. And a good ending can make or break a whole story, don’t you think?Cindy

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